Leisure Lawn’s dry lawn care program is designed to strengthen and develop the root system of your lawn while continually building your soil’s nutrient stores. And our two-step application feeds your lawn and controls your weeds separately. The result? A greener, healthier lawn. What else sets our program apart?

  • We incorporate fertilizer granules to provide consistent, steady feeding whenever your lawn’s conditions require it. This fertilizer application reduces surge growth, helps your lawn bounce back from drought or heavy use, and gives you a longer-lasting green lawn.
  • Weeds in your lawn are controlled with a low-volume spray system. Each time we visit your property, our specialists will assess the condition of your lawn and determine whether you need a weed control application.

Local knowledge. Better results.

Don’t trust your lawn to just anyone. Our extensive experience with lawns in this area means that our friendly specialists can give you the great-looking lawn you want.